Fast Forward/Rewind 1/22/21

In an outstanding meeting, we had a first time Toastmaster, Amelya Black, and first time speech evaluator, Marlit Hayslett, take their roles to a higher level, leaving the rest of us challenged to raise our presentations to match.

The Word of the Day was attune, which means to make receptive or aware, and this helped Amelya set the theme of the meeting. Our first speaker, Dave Burr, gave his speech “Wakey, Wakey” from the Engaging Humor pathway on evaluation and feedback, which examined everyday life in old England. Our second speaker, Savannah Murphy, presented her sixth project in the Effective Coaching pathway on Understanding Your Leadership Style, titled, “Eight Leadership Styles: Disney Edition”. She discussed the strengths and weaknesses of all eight styles, while incorporating a perfectly selected slide show in a shared screen background for us all to enjoy and reference. Table Topics was lead by our President-Elect, Kelsey Long, which engaged us to provide impromptu responses to either Toons or Tunes playing on our Word of the Day. Our General Evaluator, Tim Murphy, pointed out that some non-traditional implementations of roles can add interest and challenge our members in new ways. His evaluation team of Marlitt, Wendi, Karen, and Angela kept everyone attune to their positive attributes, and the negative attributes that took away from effective communication throughout the meeting, while always focusing in on personal growth to make us better in the future. This was a rare meeting attended only by members, because we always welcome guests to join us, and most of our meetings have visitors who are checking out the fun and commitment of Sunrise Toastmasters. If you are thinking of checking out a meeting to see if you’d like to join in, please do! We’ll make you feel right at home.