Fast Forward/Rewind 10/09/20

Our 10/09/20 meeting was educational and contained moments of bliss. One of those moments was when one of our newest members, Kelsey, engaged us with her first Ice Breaker speech. We welcome guests to check out our meetings and see if Sunrise Toastmasters is a good fit for them. Today, we welcomed Helen Grothe, DTM from Minnesota, and returning guest MaRhonda Jones from right here in Greensboro. Our next meeting is on Friday 10/16/20 at 7am. Come join us, we’ll make you feel right at home. We open up the Zoom meeting at 6:45am for people to come a little early and socialize if they’d like to.

Our Toastmaster today was Savannah, and her Word-of-the-Day was prodigy. Throughout the meeting, she educated our members on how to properly run a meeting as Toastmaster. Our first speaker was Kelsey with a speech titled, “I Should Have Been A Skier” which wove key aspects of her character and her life into a story about a ski trip in Utah where she reached the top of the world. The second prepared speaker, Dustin, gave his 6th speech, “Digital Native Nightmares” where he utilized vocal variety to describe the challenges of technology’s effects on attention span and ability to learn. Angela lead the Table Topics session with an educational theme. Dave jumped in to lead the evaluation team with Tim, Wendi, Summer, and Amelya. Three members, Kelsey, Wendi, and Amelya were all filling roles that they had not done before this week, and did fantastic. It was another entertaining meeting with 100% participation!

The roles for our next meeting on 10/16/20 will be:

Toastmaster – Tim
Speaker 1 – Wendi – first time Ice Breaker speech
Speaker 2 – Dave – final presentation before speech competition
Table Topics – Karen
General Evaluator – Angela
Evaluator 1 – Summer
Evaluator 2 – Dustin
Timer – Amelya
Grammarian – Kelsey

We’ll see you all on Friday morning!