Fast Forward/Rewind – 5/18/2018 Meeting

Good morning, all! We were 16 strong today, with enthusiasm more than making up for the rainy weather outside. Brian served as toastmaster, offering up “motivate” as the word of the day. Mike did a great job with a pocket speech, warning us of five potential pitfalls with our financial investing. Norris used a ficus tree as a visual aid for his speech “Relationships,” explaining the difference between leaves (casual or temporary relationships), branches (stronger, longer lasting relationships) and roots (our core relationships which provide the foundation of our social network). Savannah led table topics with the theme on survival, using questions that Bear Grylls would have definitely appreciated. Our evaluators, Angela, Steve and Dave, gave thoughtful and constructive evaluations.

The following are roles for next week’s meeting, please contact Dave if you are scheduled for a role but don’t plan to attend.

Toastmaster Dave
Speaker 1 Brian
Speaker 2 Karen
Table Topics Steve
General Evaluator Alvin
Speaker Evaluator Open
Speaker Evaluator David G
Timer/Grammarian Phil