Fast Forward/Rewind February 19, 2021

Greensboro and surrounding areas were hit hard by an ice storm recently thus the Sunrise Toastmasters club meeting began with the always important moment of silence focusing on systemic barriers certain groups of people must face amidst environmental devastation. Anu Parvathaneni, Sunrise toastmaster for the meeting, led the meeting which began with President elect Kelsey Long revisiting a speech she gave late last year centered around the great football player and analyst Lou Holtz. Her speech focused on three nuggets of wisdom from Holtz calling for people to have a resilient spirit, take risks, and demonstrate unconditional compassion. Member Dave Burr was the next speaker for the meeting. We thank Dave for his bravery and openness as he shared his recent onset of Bell’s Palsy. Dave used his natural comical abilities to speak on his situation, telling us of the changes he had been experiencing in recent weeks and then onto his larger changes in perspective of life overall. Sunrise Toastmasters definitely provides a supportive place for its members. Norris Bass carried the group into Table Topics. He provided antonyms of the word of the day, control, and asked members to use the word to share about someone still living who had influence on their life. It was a personal and special Table Topics for the participants. First time general evaluator Marlit Hayslett led the evaluation portion along with her team of Savannah Murphy and Angela Marsh as evaluators , Summer Murphy as grammarian, and first time Timer Madison Lowe. Throughout the meeting toastmaster Anu asked the group to record answers to her questions on goal setting, time management, and self motivation among other topics. She left us with a cliff hanger when she ended the meeting stating she would explain it all during her next speech. So stay tuned folks!!! Our next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting is February 26, 2021 at 7am. All guests are encouraged and welcome to join.