Summer Murphy – President

Summer Murphy, VC5 & HS2, has been a Sunrise Toastmasters member since 2014.  She has served as Secretary, Vice President Education and Past President of the club, and this year she is the Sunrise Toastmasters club President.  Summer and her husband, Tim, have owned a website development company since 1999 and both work to help local businesses and organizations with their online presence.  They have five adult children who are scattered about the US, so Summer and her husband spend much of the year traveling to visit them, and to the second home of their heart, Hawaii.  Although the pandemic created loss and destruction, there were a few silver linings, and Summer feels that bringing Toastmasters meetings online is one of them.  The Zoom platform has allowed Sunrise Toastmasters to expand its membership to those outside of the Greensboro area and enabled members to participate even when they are away from home.  Being able to access club and officer meetings regardless of her physical location encouraged Summer to take on another officer role for the club this year.  She looks forward to helping the team continue to develop Sunrise Toastmasters as an outstanding club, and helping members reach their communication and leadership goals.