Fast Forward/Rewind – March 8 meeting

Allison was our Toastmaster yesterday and led us through a great meeting. Mike was our first speaker, talking about leadership styles in general and his own leadership style. Dave gave a pocket speech, painting a you-are-there picture of Chicago. Norris did double duty as Table Topics leader and Timer/Grammarian. Steve led the evaluation team, with Karen and Alvin as speaker evaluators.

Our next meeting will be Friday, March 15, and we will meet in North Tower 102 (the room downstairs from the main entrance). Here are the roles:

Toastmaster: Angela
Speaker 1: Alvin
Speaker 2: OPEN
Table Topics: Savannah
Gen. Evaluator: Brian
Evaluator 1: Norris
Evaluator 2: David
Timer/Grammarian: Dave

Please let Angela know if you WILL or WILL NOT be able to fulfill your role. I believe Alvin (as VP of Education) is going to reach out to one or two of you directly about filling the open speaker position, but volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!

Lastly, we are trying to build our membership AND improve our attendance, so please come to the meetings and please bring some friends! And if you’d like a flier to put up at your place of business or place of worship or gym or wherever, here’s one you can download. Thanks for your help in growing our club!