Rewind / Fast-Forward #8 [August 21-28]

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters and Guests!


Rewind from August 21

The meeting was held from 7:00AM – 8:00 AM at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A with 11 members and 4 guests present.

President Summer Murphy opened the meeting with a key points of club business. Next Friday, August 28, the club will conduct an official vote to ratify by consent the Club Constitution, which has been circulated to all members in email earlier this week. Separately, Secretary Jenna Willingham instituted a new process for capturing club meeting attendance, for good measure. Hearing no more announcements, Summer gave the floor to Toastmaster Mike Stipanov who, in his anticipation for the presidential race, introduced ‘psephology’ as the Word of the Day. The first speaker, Tim Henley, delivered his Icebreaker speech! The audience enjoyed hearing about his childhood passion to be a paleontologist-artist, his current projects, and his future hopes (spoiler alert: it involves a copyright!).  The club gave Tim a standing ovation and a commemorative pin for completing his first Toastmasters speech. The second speaker, Cinthia Torres-Fitzgerald delivered her fourth (and final) speech with Sunrise Toastmasters, titled ‘Be Here Now.’ Cinthia’s passion for life and her quest for meaning leaves us excited to see her further impact the world in her grad school pursuits. Best of luck to you, Cinthia! The third speaker, Dave Burr, delivered a speech titled ‘If I Were in Charge of the World’. As he reflected on his younger self, he showed us how one’s playful childhood whims sometimes play out in adulthood.


Dustin Johnson led the club in an inventive round of table topics by asking participants to safely navigate their way out of a jungle with three completely random objects. The members had fun with four rounds of table topics before moving into evaluations.


Thanks to Tim Murphy, Summer Murphy, and Jenna Willingham for evaluating the speeches, to Walt Abele for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Lolita Henley for serving as Timer/Grammarian.



Fast-Forward to August 28


The slated roles are:


Toastmaster Walt Abele
Speaker 1 Summer Murphy
Speaker 2 Angela Ligon
Table Topics Esther Khoury
General Evaluator Tim Murphy
Evaluator 1 Lolita Henley
Evaluator 2 Dustin Johnson
Timer/Grammarian Steve Stephens or Mike Stipanov


Thanks everyone, until next week-

Jenna Willingham