Speaker Schedule

If for any reason you can not fill your assigned role, you must arrange ahead of time for another member to fill your role. Notify the Toastmaster prior to the meeting of any changes you have arranged.

Date               January 8      January 15      January 22      January 29
Toastmaster        Savannah       Dave            Amelya          Bettina
First Speaker      Bettina        Karen           Dave            Marlit
Second Speaker     Norris         Anu             Savannah        Dustin
Table Topics       Karen          Angela          Kelsey          Anu
General Evaluator  Dave           Amelya          Bettina         Norris
First Evaluator    Angela         Norris          Marlit          Dave
Second Evaluator   Anu            Savannah        Wendi           Amelya
Timer              Marlit         Wendi           Karen           Kelsey
Grammarian         Wendi          Marlit          Angela          Karen

MEMBERS: Please log in to https://sunrisegso.toastmastersclubs.org to:

  • confirm your role for a meeting
  • fill in your speech information
  • provide your speech introduction to your evaluator
  • print the agenda
  • email officers or members