Fast Forward/Rewind – 01/08/21

The new year is a prime time for reflection, resolutions and self-improvement. We welcome guests to join our meetings and see if Sunrise Toastmasters can help them reach their new goals in 2021!

Our first meeting of 2021 was opened by our President-Elect, Kelsey Long, reflecting on the recent Capitol events and the long road to healing the racial divide in our country. She then introduced our Toastmaster of the meeting, Savannah Murphy, who chose the word-of-the-day to fittingly be persevere. After volunteering earlier in the week to fill a prepared speaker role for a member that is under the weather, new member Amelya Black surpassed the high bar she had set for herself in her earlier speeches with her speech titled, A New Year: Life Stories and a Call to Wake Up. Using vivid visual imagery, Amelya drew us into some personal experiences in her life that shaped her world view and made her who she is. Everyone has important personal stories, and Amelya artfully expressed hers with us while simultaneously inspiring us all to feel and express our own life defining moments. Our second prepared speaker, Norris Bass, reflected on the recent successes of our Sunrise Toastmasters club through the actions of our long standing officers and the breath of rejuvenation provided by our squad of four new members that have joined and participated in the last few months, titled Stepping Out, Stepping Up, and Stepping In. A light hearted spate of table topics questions were provided by Karen Rhodes as Table Topics Master, which was a curve ball for us, since Karen is a little notorious for her intentionally mentally challenging table topics questions. Dave Burr served as the meeting’s General Evaluator and lead his team of Angela, Anu, Marlit, and Wendi for speech evaluators, timer, and grammarian respectively. We look forward to another great meeting this Friday, January 15th, with Dave as our Toastmaster. Please join us in the fun!