Fast Forward / Rewind 11/20/20

We broke our 17 week streak today! Since July 22, there has been at least one guest at every meeting. Please join us at our next meeting on Friday, December 4th after the Thanksgiving break. We love having guests, and we also love that three of the guests during our streak are now Sunrise Toastmasters.

Norris served as our Toastmaster and chose mindful as our Word-Of-The-Day which was used by almost everyone. Tim was the first speaker, and gave his speech, “What We Can Learn About Health – It’s Personal” from the Dynamic Leadership pathway on evaluation and feedback. Wendi was our second speaker, giving her second speech, “The Power of Positive Thinking (Round 2)” also from the Dynamic Leadership pathway on evaluation and feedback. For her first time in the role, Amelya lead Table Topics about food and Thanksgiving traditions, which engaged everyone to share their stories. Summer, as General Evaluator, lead the team of Bettina, Savannah, Angela, and Kelsey giving feedback to all participants and encouraging everyone to continue to improve their skills.

There will be no meeting this Friday, November 27th in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We will pick up again on December 4th, where veteran Toastmaster Dave Burr will be our Toastmaster. Member roles can be found on our  website speaker schedule page.

We’ll see you then!