Fast Forward/Rewind 12/11/20

Wendi Gedzun was the star of our meeting today, as she took on the role of Toastmaster for the first time and handled it beautifully. It is hard to believe that just a few months ago she was a guest to our club, soon to become a member, and is now a member who has filled almost every meeting role. Guests are always welcome to check out a meeting or two to see if they too may enjoy becoming a member and shining at Sunrise!

The meeting theme and word-of-the-day today was habits. Almost every member used the word in their prepared speeches and table topic responses. Our first speaker was Savannah Murphy who’s speech, Claire McCardell and the Making of the Independent Woman enlightened us with the history of women’s fashion design, which highlighted the career and influence of Claire McCardell on the industry, specially in the 1941 to 1945 era. The speech was from the Effective Coaching Pathway, and the assignment was to review basic research methods, and present a well-organized, well-researched speech on any topic. Our second speaker, Dustin Johnson, gave his speech, Excessive which was the eighth speech from the Competent Communicators manual, focusing on proper visual aids and props when speaking. He used some of Kobe Bryant’s philosophies to equate to his own life practices and values, with photo references and examples. Table Topics was run by Norris, which all were in line with the theme of life habits. Kelsey was our General Evaluator (her first time in this role) and did a great job of leading her team of Angela, Dave, Karen, and Summer. We were thrilled to have member Dr. Alvin Powell join the meeting today, as his schedule has been prohibitive lately to be able to join meetings. Please join us for next Friday’s meeting on 12/18/20, when Kelsey Long will lead us in her first time filling the role as Toastmaster.

See you then!