Fast Forward/Rewind 9/18/20

Our 09/18/20 meeting was powerful. We welcomed back returning guests, MaRhonda & Amelia, and brand new members, Wendi & Kelsey. Guests are always welcome to check out our meetings and see if Sunrise Toastmasters is a good fit for them. Our next meeting is on Friday 09/25/20 at 7am. Come join us, we’ll make you feel right at home 🙂

As Toastmaster, Summer chose the theme of today’s meeting to be AGENCY, reminding us why it is important for individuals and communities to maintain it for themselves and everyone else as well. Our prepared speakers gave presentations straight from the heart. Savannah’s speech was about Neurodivergence and removing the stigma and limited assess to being diagnosed and receiving assistance. Josh spoke about a road trip with his Dad to Danbury CT, and the life lessons his Dad shared with him prior to passing away. Although intense and personal, both speeches presented messages of hope and compassion. Table Topics was lead by Karen, who had researched the 7 steps on “How To Increase Your Sense of Agency” and gave questioned related to each step. Dave lead our evaluation team of Dustin, Tim, and Norris, giving high praise to well done assignments, and helpful input to improve future presentations. As always, the meeting started right at 7am and ended promptly at 8am, with some enjoyable socialization before and after the meeting.

We are anticipating the possibility of honored guests next week of our Division and Area Directors, Ruth Friddle and Scott Adams. Our roles for the 9/25 meeting will be:

Toastmaster – Josh
Speaker 1 – Norris
Speaker 2 – Summer
Table Topics – Dave
General Evaluator – Savannah
Evaluator 1 – Anu
Evaluator 2 – Dustin
Timer/Grammarian – Karen

We’ll see you all on Friday morning!