Fast Forward/Rewind – April 12 meeting

This rainy Friday didn’t dampen our spirits. We had a strong core group and covered a diverse set of topics. Brian served as Toastmaster, and with the Word of the Day “nirvana,” he asked the group to consider their ideal places and also went back a few years (25+) to explain the band Nirvana’s influence on music and pop culture. Allison gave a very personal and impassioned speech on the differences between palliative and hospice care. Anu’s speech on Indian elections was extremely interesting, provoking questions like which type of corruption is better: blatant buying of votes or the under-the-table, back-room dealings we are more accustomed to? As Table Topics master, Bettina challenged us to answer some tough “interview” questions. Finally, Angela, Norris, Dave and Savannah teamed up on evaluations with the entire group providing Allison with some additional requested feedback.

PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT MEET ON APRIL 19, as that is Good Friday. We will resume on Friday, April 26, with the schedule for the next couple of weeks below. Please let the group know or use the online scheduling feature if you have a role but won’t be able to attend.


Date April 26 May 3
Room North Tower 102 Room 43
Toastmaster Joe OPEN – sign up here
Speaker 1 Bettina David
Speaker 2 Norris Brian
Table Topics Anu Karen
Gen. Evaluator Brian Alvin
Evaluator 1 Allison Dave
Evaluator 2 Angela Savannah
Timer/Grammarian Alvin Mike