Fast Forward/Rewind – Jan. 11 meeting

Hello, all, and apologies for the late posting! Your fearless VP of Public Relations was out of the country for work last weekend and has not had a moment to post until now! Please see below for the January 11 report from our fearless Secretary.

Please note that for the January 18 meeting, we are scheduled to meet in our former North Tower 102 room location. This room is easily accessed by entering the hospital’s main entrance, then immediately taking a left to the elevators. Take the elevator to the basement, and the room is on the left.

We had a spirited meeting today especially considering we started predawn on a cold January morning.

Anu was fantastic in her debut as Toastmaster. The Word of the Day was “toxic,” which according to some is likely the word of the year in 2019. David was our sole Speaker, presenting “How to Give Feedback” and offering up a lot of helpful suggestions on how to handle what can be an awkward situation. Brian led the group through a random collection of Table Topics questions, which in turn led to a bunch of great responses. Angela served as General Evaluator, commending the group’s adaptability on a day when we struggled to find a first-time room. Savannah gave an excellent evaluation, seizing on some of the tips that David had just presented. And last but not least, Steve not only acted as Timer but also Grammarian, providing excellent feedback and surprising the group with amount of ah’s and um’s counted during the meeting.

Our schedule for January 18 is as follows, with Bettina acting as Toastmaster. We have an opening for Speaker 2. If you would like to volunteer or if you are scheduled for a role but won’t be able to make the meeting, please let both Bettina and Brian know.

Toastmaster Bettina
Speaker 1 Phil
Speaker 2 OPEN
Table Topics Alvin
Gen Evaluator Angela
Speaker Eval 1 Savannah
Speaker Eval 2 Allison
Timer/Grammarian Norris