Fast Forward/Rewind – Jan. 25 meeting

Hello, All.

We had an extremely strong, some would say “behemoth” of a meeting, with great speeches and mini-speeches (Table Topics responses). We had a big group delivering tons of enthusiasm. Brian served as Toastmaster, explaining how the Word of the Day aptly describes Amazon. Dave provided a very useful and effective speech on how to design a website for your business. Anu gave a powerful speech on a less-publicized danger associated with marijuana use. Steve displayed his uncanny ability of asking the right person the right question during Table Topics, resulting in some really fun and interesting responses. Alvin volunteered as General Evaluator, making some humorous connections between the speeches and Table Topics responses. And the rest of the evaluation team, including Norris, Karen and Savannah, did a great job pointing out the highlights and areas of improvement for the group. Be warned: People are on the lookout for ahs and ums.

Following are the roles for next week’s meeting. Please contact Savannah if you are scheduled for a role but don’t plan to attend.


Date Feb. 1
Room Room 43
Toastmaster Savannah
Speaker 1 Bettina
Speaker 2 Norris
Table Topics Anu
Gen. Evaluator Brian
Evaluator 1 Alvin
Evaluator 2 Angela
Timer/Grammarian Karen