Fast Forward/Rewind – January 13, 2023

“Sunrise Toastmasters – the Breakfast of Champions”

Our esteemed President, Toastmaster Amelya Black, opened the meeting leading us intentionally into our minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Amelya shared with intention how we can use our bias flag to become better speakers, transiting the meeting to the day’s Toastmaster Summer Murphy. Summer chose inspirit as the word of the day, encouraging us to use this word during the meeting. Roles were reviewed and another memorable Sunrise Toastmaster’s meeting began. 

Toastmaster Greg Sutton introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Karen RhodesKaren’s speech “Wide As the Sky but Why?” led us along a journey of anticipation, growth and insights experienced during a second speech in a Pathway. “Taking that big deep inhale and helping someone else” was a quote that resonated. You took us on a journey today, the imagery was great, and you wrapped it up well, another example of preparedness, inspiring was feedback shared by Greg.

We took a moment to recognize the guest who joined us, sharing briefly a kind introduction welcoming Lus to our meeting.   

Toastmaster Savannah Murphy introduced our final speaker, Toastmaster Amelya. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”, sharing a beautiful speech inspiring us to be present and embrace growth. “No use to going back to yesterday, I was a different person then” was an exceptional quote. Sharing inflection is important, mindfully use of pauses and movement, interaction with the audience was all exceptionally done. Pushing back doubts and delivered an incredible speech.  You don’t have to be ready you have to be willing, that’s what’s important, was feedback shared by Savannah.

Toastmaster Angela Marsh hosted Table Topics, engaging the Toastmasters to share their story exceptionally, strengthening our ability to compose thoughts and speak conversationally. Great job!

Toastmaster Stiles Burr served as General Evaluator, summarizing the meeting with thoughtful feedback that helped everyone continue to improve, and led the team sharing feedback and reports. ToastmasterRenuka Korlipara provided the Timer report and Toastmaster Norris Bass shared the Grammarian report – well done everyone!

Toastmaster Summer reviewed roles for next week, and transitioned the meeting back to Toastmaster Amelya, who thanked everyone for their participation in another amazing Toastmasters meeting before closing the meeting. 

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 am, January 20th EST on Zoom. 

The roles for that meeting are as follows:

TM – Savannah

Speaker 1 – Abdulrhman 

Speaker 2 – Kerstin

Table Topics – Renuka

Gen. Eval – Tim

Eval 1 – Dave

Eval 2 – Norris  

Timer – Antwain

Grammarian – Amelya