Fast Forward/ Rewind June 11, 2021

Sunrise Toastmasters club held a wonderful meeting on Friday. The Toastmaster, Anu Parvathaneni, presented the word of the day, authentic and then moved the group into the speakers portion. Amelya Black was the first speaker. Amelya delivered an entertaining speech on blues dance, its origins, and the effects of the Covid pandemic on her passion. With short video clips and vivid imagery, the speech left the group ready for more blues dancing. Norris Bass, the second speaker of the morning, talked about the percentage risks of having a child with Down Syndrome and also shared eye opening research on the increase in risk over the last few decades. Norris used a detailed chart to display his findings as well as discussed his personal journey relating to Down Syndrome. The members of Sunrise Toastmasters do a beautiful job of being authentic, courageous, and professional in their speeches and group discussions. There always seem to be special things we learn of one another as we grow into exceptional leaders and speakers. Table Topics was hosted by Angela Marsh. Angela asked the group to use the reactions tab on the Zoom menu to decide whether the Table Topics participants were being authentic or inauthentic in their responses. Questions ranged from foods one would eat for the rest of life, to switching career professions, to favorite ways to spend the weekend. Needless to say, we have excellent fibbers at Sunrise. What a fun part of the Friday meeting! Summer Murphy led the evaluations as General Evaluator. Marlit Hayeslett and Dave Burr were Speaker Evaluators. In the role of Timer was Savannah Murphy and President Tim Murphy acted as Grammarian. Guests are always welcomed at Sunrise Toastmasters. It is a terrific and fulfilling way to begin the day! Join us via Zoom for the next meeting on Friday June 18, 2021.