Fast Forward/Rewind – June 23, 2023

President, Toastmaster Amelya Black, opened the meeting purposefully leading us to our minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Amelya shared how to use our awareness flag to support our journey to become better speakers and transitioned the meeting to the day’s Toastmaster Norris Bass. Norris chose outcome as the word of the day, defining and encouraging use of this word during the meeting. We reviewed the meeting agenda, welcomed the guest with a quick round of introductions, and another memorable Sunrise Toastmasters meeting began. 

Toastmaster Savannah Murphy introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Angela Marsh. Angela’s speech was about the importance of recognizing and accepting people of all genders. This speech was well constructed and executed. Evaluator Savannah commented on the strengths of the presentation, and and areas of improvement, pricing the importance of showing up “with receipts” about outcome statistics for transgender people. Great job Toastmasters!   

Toastmaster Amelya Black introduced our second speaker, Toastmaster John Doggett. John shared a speech about his cousin Truman peppered with funny family stores. This speech was filled with humor and love of family! Evaluator Amelya shared feedback with John, providing guidance of areas of excellence and improvement. Well done Toastmasters!

During Table Topics, Dave Burr led an engaging session for possible outcomes for proposed scenarios, challenging Toastmasters in a spontaneous conversation session to strengthening our ability to compose thoughts and speak intentionally. Well done Toastmasters!

Serving as our General Evaluator, Stiles Burr summarized the breakfast of champions portion of our meeting with depth and knowledgeable feedback of the day’s meeting. Insightful and thoughtful speech evaluations were provided by Savannah and Amelya. Toastmaster Maria Leon provided a stellar Timer report and Summer shared a Grammarian report with helpful detail, acknowledging use of the word of the day and any bias flags. As a team they collectively helped their fellow Toastmaster’s continued on their journey of progress and growth – well done everyone!

Norris reviewed roles for next week and the meeting was transitioned to Amelya to close another wonderful Sunrise Toastmasters meeting. 

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 am, June 30 EST. If you would like to join our meeting as a guest contact us for the Zoom link.  

The roles for that meeting are as follows:

Toastmaster:  Anu
Speaker 1: Kelly
Speaker 2: Greg
Table Topics:  Amelya
Gen. Evaluator:  Abdulrahman
Evaluator 1: Maria
Evaluator 2:  John
Timer: Karen
Grammarian: Stiles