Fast Forward/Rewind – June 28 meeting

Despite not having a speaker, we had a great meeting today! We had a visitor with us today, so we did a round of introductions, which gave us the opportunity to revisit our reasons for being in the club. Generally speaking, most of us joined for the public speaking, and we’ve stayed for the fun and camaraderie, the education on a wide range of topics, and the opportunities for leadership.

Anu was our Toastmaster and gave us grit as the Word of the Day, which was perfect for use in our Table Topics answers, as David presented us with a number of “Would you rather…?” questions comparing activities like skydiving vs. hot air balloon rides, whitewater rafting vs. scuba diving, giving a commencement speech at our alma mater vs. performing ukulele on stage.

In the extra time that we had today, we had a mini spelling bee led by Anu (covering the words interlocutory and cerise), and we talked about the upcoming officer roles, which we need to have on file with Toastmasters before Monday! Stay tuned for more from Savannah on that front.

We will NOT meet next Friday. Our next meeting is June 12, in NT102, and the roles are as follows:

Toastmaster: Norris
Speaker: Karen
Table Topics: Savannah
General Evaluator: Bettina
Speaker Evaluator: Anu
Timer/Grammarian: David

Have a great week ahead and a safe and fun 4th of July!