Fast Forward to 6/5/15 and Rewind 5/29

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters,

We have another full line up for this Friday’s meeting.  Summer Murphy will be the Toastmaster.   The scheduled roles are:

Toastmaster: Summer (confirmed)
Speaker 1: Lolita (confirmed)
Speaker 2: Jenna (confirmed)
Table Topics: Esther (confirmed at 5/29 meeting)
General Evaluator: Angela – Last minute volunteer THANK YOU!
Evaluator 1: Mike (confirmed at 5/29 meeting)
Evaluator 2: Dustin (confirmed at 5/29 meeting)
Grammarian/Timer: Walt (confirmed at 5/29 meeting)

As always, guests are welcome and will be made to feel right at home!

The meeting on 5/29/15 was full of informational, educational and funny messages.  Walt’s Ice Breaker speech titled, “The Accidental Salesman” gave us great insight into his career, family and life.  His message that as a salesman he is someone you can count on, more like George Bailey from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” than other salesman stereotypes, and that reliably showing up must be the your most important character trait.  I became an instant fan of Walt, and look forward to his future speeches!  Esther Khoury worked from the Advanced Interpretive Reading Manual and read the part of Mrs. Caudle, who’s children were surely not going to receive an education, since her thoughtless husband had lent out their umbrella (Smile).   Mike lead us in Table Topics with questions related to our summer vacations, which lead to some very humorous responses.  Special thanks to our evaluation team of Cinthia, Dave, Summer, and Dustin.


Tim Murphy
VP of Public Relations – Sunrise Toastmasters