Fast Forward/Rewind #53 – 7-29 – 8-5

My fellow Toastmasters –
I don’t usually lead with our Timer/Grammarian, but Summer filled that role and was the star of the show… because the rest of us, were not.  Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and collectively, we did not have our “speaking hats” on this morning.  Did we have fun?  As always!
Zach opened the meeting and turned it over the Jenna, the Toastmaster of the day. The word of the day was, “prestigious.”  The first speaker was Dave whose spoke about, “Leadership Opportunities Outside the Club” and the second speaker was Mike who spoke about, “Voting Your Conscious.”  Phil led Table Topics, with members talking about “Bumper Stickers”, something that most of us do not have. Tim wrapped up the meeting as General Evaluator with his team of Steve and Zach.  The meeting closed with the presentation of the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) plaque to Dave, by Club President, Jenna.
The roles for 8/5 are:
Toastmaster           Dave
Speaker 1                Zach
Speaker 2               Phil M
Table Topics          Mike
Gen Evaluator       Angela
Evaluator 1            Open
Evaluator 2           Jenna
Timer                     Phil S