Fast Forward/Rewind #75 – 1/13-1/20

My fellow Toastmasters –

A great meeting with four people writing checks to join the club, further proof that we need a “go bag” as we are away from our normal meeting room.  Also, be on the lookout for a possible meeting room change next week.  (It would be close to where we met this morning.

Jenna opened the meeting, turning it over to Mike, the Toastmaster, whose workd of the day was “gambol”.  Phil S’s speech was “Carpe Diem” and Dave’s was, “I Like My Hair Short.”  (I’m not brushing it out of my eyes as I write this, but find a loose one on the desk, a bad sign.”  Jenna led Table Topics with Alvin and Steve doing the Evaluations and Phil S doing double duty, timing in addition to speaking.

New members – I will layer you into the schedule, starting with Timing, General Evaluation and then Table Topics roles.  I will wait for you to tell me when you are ready to do your Icebreaker.


The roles for 1/20 are:


Toastmaster           Angela

Speaker 1              Jenna

Speaker 2              Mike

Table Topics           Dave

Gen Evaluator        Phil S

Evaluator 1            Karen

Evaluator 2            Open

Timer                     Alvin