Fast Forward/Rewind #77 – 1/27-2/3

A very strong meeting led by two personal speeches.  Dave opened the meeting before turning it over to the Toastmaster, Phil S.  His word of the day, “asseverate”, was challenging to say the least.  Karen did her Icebreaker, a “Listacle of Her Life”.  Angela did a pocket speech, “Less Perfection, More Spontaneity”.  Table Topics was done by the group before Jenna, the General Evaluator, introduced her team of Evaluators, Mike and Dave, and the Timer, Steve.

We have a new banner, yeah, and Phil S may be making a stand for it.


The roles for 2/3 are:


Toastmaster           Steve

Speaker 1              Mike

Speaker 2              Alvin

Table Topics           Karen

Gen Evaluator        Dave

Evaluator 1            David G

Evaluator 2            Phil

Timer                     Lyn