Fast Forward/Rewind #87 – 4/21-4/28

My fellow Toastmasters –

As Toastmaster, Dave led the meeting, introducing “bloom” as word of the day. Jennifer spoke about the “Trailblaze Challenge” complete with Powerpoint and multiple props.  Brian spoke about the “Great 3-Wheeler & the Art of Storytelling” with many points and anecdotes that we all can relate to. Lyn led Table Topics reviewing travel experiences.  Martin was General Evaluator with his team of Evaluators consisting of Sadric and Phil S.

Please note there is an open role for General Evaluator.  Also, a special thanks to Brian who filled an empty speaking role this week.


The roles for 4/28 are:


Toastmaster          Angela

Speaker 1              Steve

Speaker 2              Sadric

Table Topics           Savannah

Gen Evaluator        Open

Evaluator 1            Brian

Evaluator 2            Alvin

Timer                     Heather