Fast Forward/Rewind #95 – 6/16-6/23

My fellow Toastmasters –

A productive meeting with a summer crowd – Dave was the Toastmaster, and used “diversify” as the word of the day.  Savannah did her second speech, “Self-Defense Can Get You Killed.”  Phil S spoke about recovering from jet lag in, “Ready, Set, Go.”  David G led Table Topics using the famous quotes of Yogi Berra.  Brian was the General Evaluator, and Dave and Alvin did the evaluations, with Karen working as Timer.

As a note, there is an opening for a speaker.  Please get back to Brian if you can fill that role.


The roles for 6/23 are:


Toastmaster          Brian

Speaker 1              Open

Speaker 2              Alvin

Table Topics           Karen

Gen Evaluator        Sadric

Evaluator 1            Jennifer

Evaluator 2            Lyn

Timer                     Karen