Rewind 2/6/15 and Fast Forward 2/13/15

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members & Guests, Below is a quick rewind of our meeting held on Friday February 6, 2015.

The meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A and started on time at 7:00 a.m.

We had a total of 13 members and 1 returning guest in attendance (Julie Montpellier) for our meeting.  Guests are always welcome!

Our Vice President of Education, Summer Murphy, opened our meeting and introduced our Toastmaster, Dave Burr.  Dave’s word of the day was ‘Stiledo’, and his theme revolved around our favorite shoes.

The first prepared speaker was Divya Bhagat.  She spoke from the competent communicator manual-speech #2. The title of her speech was ‘My Happiness” and she opened her speech by inviting us to see the world through other people’s eyes.  She transitioned to her words to live by: Family, Friends, and Life.  It is hard to believe that Divya is a new member, as she spoke with confidence, comfort, and with well chosen words.

The second prepared speaker was our President, Angela Ligon.   She also spoke from the competent communicator manual-repeating her Ice Breaker speech for the newer members. The title of her speech was “Still As Sweet”.  She compared her life to an upside-down banana split, in that her life has had many typical ingredients but the order that they occurred were far from typical,…but still as sweet!

Brett Williams led us in table topics. His questions were based on unusual laws in several states, giving the members the chance guess which law was actually a law, and why that law exists.  Most impressively, every member in attendance spoke at least twice at the meeting.  Even our guest Julie Montpellier joined in responding to a quick survey of the audience from Toastmaster Dave Burr about each of our favorite shoes.

Special thanks to Summer Murphy and Mike Stipanov for serving as evaluators and to Dramaine Freeman for being general evaluator. Tim Murphy served as Timer/Grammarian.

The meeting adjourned on time at 8 a.m.

On Friday, February 13, we have a meeting planned that you won’t want to miss.  Robert will be doing a 20 minute presentation and soliciting all of our feedback, as he will also be performing this same presentation at a National Conference with hundreds in attendance in March.  Robert will be joined in his presentation by his Medical Director and a Cone Health Organizational Developer.  As always, please make our guest welcome.  Lolita, a returning member, will be doing her Ice Breaker.  I remember her first Ice Breaker vividly, as it was very moving.  As you’ll see, Lolita is amazing person.

Toastmaster                 Tim Murphy
Speaker 1                      Lolita Henley
Speaker 2                     Robert Hickling
Table Topics                 Steve Stevens       –  please confirm
Gen.Evaluator              Esther Khoury
Speaker Evaluator       Divya Bhagat
Speaker Evaluator       Richard Schmidt
Grammarian/Timer     Mike Stipanov

Respectfully Submitted by:
Tim Murphy – VP Public Relations – Sunrise Toastmasters