Rewind 4/27/2018 and Fast-Forward 5/4/2018

We had an excellent meeting this morning. Highlights included: Dave as toastmaster, with “tradition” as the word of the day. Throughout the meeting Dave sprinkled in various spring-time traditions from around the world, including the Swiss tradition of Sechseläuten in which a snowman is set on fire. Karen delivered a powerful speech about the important and secret life of her neighbor in Miami, reminding us that everyone has a bigger story to tell and that you should remember to respect your elders. With the second speaker spot left open, we had an extended session of table topics. The theme for table topics was “rejection therapy” with each of our speakers deciding on which of two potentially embarrassing situations they would choose in hopes of getting rejected. The inspiration for this topic was a Ted Talk by Jia Jiang, which is definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it before.

We had a visitor, Shelia, which led to member introductions with each of us offering our favorite past speech topic. Other roles included Norris as general evaluator, Phil as our speaker evaluator and Alvin as time grammarian, all performed well as usual. And post-meeting, Karen and I switched officer roles, which explains why I am sending out the fast forward/rewind.

As a reminder, dues are due. So please get with Dave if you have not yet paid.