Rewind and Fast Forward

08.29.14 Rewind . . . The meeting began at 7am in our new conference room, NT102A, where we will be holding all meetings for the foreseeable future. Joe Stack served as Toastmaster and his theme incorporated the impending NFL football season.  The first speaker was Summer Murphy who gave her speech “At the Farmer’s Market” which told as much about the atmosphere and people of the Farmer’s Market as the high quality produce and prepared foods. Dramaine Freeman was the second speaker and did a pocket speech (after an enthusiastic rock-paper-scissors with Esther Khoury) and spoke about singing, “Dear Omega Girl” at his upcoming wedding, and the meaning that the song holds for him. Divya Bhagat led an inspiring Table Topics; The subject was each of our biggest fears, which we wrote down and guessed who’s fears belong to whom, and why. It opened discussion in a surprising way; we rarely guessed who the individual written fear belonged to, which helped us all appreciate that there are many fears that we all share.  Thank you to Angela Ligon for leading the evaluation portion of our meeting.  Additionally, thank you to Robert Hickling, Esther Khoury, and DramaineFreeman for supporting in evaluation roles.  We had a total of 12 in attendance; 10 members, 1 guest, and 1 member prospect (Brett Williams has asked to join the club as a new member – welcome!).

09.05.14 Fast-forward . . . We have a great meeting scheduled, with many of the roles already confirmed. See below for those still needing to confirm. Please contact Toastmaster Alvin Powell to with your speech title and/or to confirm your role by 5pm Wednesday, so Alvin will have time to complete and print the meeting agenda.

    Toastmaster        Alvin Powell – (Please Confirm)

    Speaker #1            Angela Ligon

       Speaker #2               Tim Murphy

    Table Topics         Ying Na – (Please Cinfirm)

     Gen Eval                Summer Murphy

     Evaluator            Joe Stack

     Evaluator #2            Esther Khoury

     Grammarian/Timer      Steve Stephens – (Please Confirm)