Rewind / Fast-Forward #43 (May 20-27)

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Rewind from May 20

This meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the North Tower (room NT102A) with 7 members present. Welcome back from Active Duty, Bryan Alston – and thank you for your ongoing service! President Summer Murphy opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance before quickly turning the meeting over to Zach Sullivan to lead as Toastmaster for the morning – for the first time! He led a very well-prepared meeting, centering the theme on the principles of preparedness – one of which, being “proactive”, was Word of the Day.

The first speaker for the day was Rita Sturdivant, who completed her second project titled, ‘The Difference Between Arterial and Venous Ultrasound Testing and the Indications to Perform Studies.’ Rita leaned on her vast experience as an ultrasound technologist to explain that these two different tests are often mixed up, which has negative . How does a physician know which to order? The patient’s symptoms will indicate it, if one knows what to look for. Thank you Rita for a highly-informative, well-organized speech!

The second speaker, Jenna Willingham, pulled a pocket speech off the shelf and showed her spontaneity with unscripted subject matter. Imagine your boss calls you into a sudden, private meeting. Neuroscientists explain this type of organizational behavior by watching how people respond to stimuli at work: is it a threatening event or a rewarding one? If something’s hampering performance or teamwork in the workplace, it can likely be explained by an imbalance in the SCARF model. Applying emotional intelligence with a SCARF model perspective at work can help anyone build great teams that achieve big things.

Topicsmaster Tim Murphy led the group in a premeditated Table Topics series that fit well with the Toastmasters’ theme of preparedness. Everyone faced that one thing we need to stop procrastinating on. A special thanks to Steve Stephens and Bryan Alston for evaluating the speeches, to Summer Murphy for serving as Timer/Grammarian, and to Jenna Willingham for evaluating the meeting in general.

 Fast-Forward to May 27

Please see the slated roles below:

 Toastmaster Jenna Willingham
Speaker 1 Walt Abele
Speaker 2 Zach Sullivan
Speaker 3 Pam Ku
Table Topics Joe Stack
General Evaluator Bryan Alston
Evaluator 1 Phil Monroe
Evaluator 2 Mike Stipanov
Evaluator 3 Angela Marsh
Timer/Grammarian Rita Sturdivant



Thank you all, until next Friday –




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