Rewind / Fast Forward #50 July 8 – July 15

My fellow Toastmasters –

An interesting start to our meeting where Summer, our Toastmaster this morning, had the group introduce themselves by talking about a book they enjoyed. 15 minutes later, pre-Table Topics was completed. Her theme was “reading” and the WOD was “bookworm”. Tim spoke from the Speaking to Inform manual, recounting the second chapter of his book, in a speech called “College.” Jenna did a “just for fun” speech, a book report on the “5 Love Languages”. Angela continued the theme in Table Topics, with questions based on quotes from writers. Zach was the General Evaluator, leading a team of Tm and Dave as Evaluators, and Phil as timer. It was great to have Sal back (I believe as a member) and Dani who returned as a guest of Zach. It was good to have Dramaine Freeman in attendance, who was part of the past and present Presidents of Sunrise who were in attendance. (Tim, Summer, Dave, Dramaine, Angela, and Jenna)