Rewind / Fast-Forward #9 [August 28 – September 4]

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters and Guests!


Rewind from August 28

The meeting was held from 7:00AM – 8:03 AM at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A with 13 members and 2 guests present (welcome Janie and Elizabeth!).

President Summer Murphy opened the meeting with a key point of club business. Today, the club unanimously voted to accept the Club Constitution as written. Directly after the vote, Summer quickly gave the floor to Toastmaster Walt Abele who introduced ‘temerity’ as the Word of the Day. Playfully, he designated ‘um’ as the unofficial Word of the Day, and we all loved it! Now that’s an easy word to work into a sentence! The first speaker, Summer Murphy, delivered her final speech in the Competent Communicator manual, titled “It’s Not Supposed to be Easy.”  Her quotable and motivating words left everyone stirred to take on each life struggle as a catalyst for change. Of course, there was a standing ovation! Congratulations, Summer, for concluding your manual on such a high note! The second speaker, Angela Ligon, seized a spot on the Toastmasters agenda to practice a skill she’s developing at work: facilitation. By creating a facilitation project in her Advanced Speaker manual, Angela showed the audience that listening to understand plays a powerful role in our relationships. Though it’s harder to do than you may think, focused practice makes perfect.


Esther Khoury led the club in a skills-developing round of table topics by asking participants to respond succinctly to frequently-asked interview questions. The members went three rounds in table topics before moving into evaluations.


Thanks to Lolita Henley and Dustin Johnson for evaluating the speeches, to Tim Murphy for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Steve Stephens for serving as Timer/Grammarian.


Just before the club adjourned, some members made other announcements:

  • From Steve Stephens, Club Treasurer: Remember to contribute your club dues by Friday, September 18th!
  • From Angela Ligon, former Club President: Sunrise Toastmasters received the Select Distinguished Club distinction for achieving seven of our ten goals last year!
  • From Esther Khoury, VP Education: some exciting speaking contests are coming later this fall! If you think you can compete for Best Humorous Speech and Best Evaluation, notify Esther.


Fast-Forward to September 4


The slated roles are:


Toastmaster Lolita Henley
Speaker 1 Walt Abele
Speaker 2 Mike Stipanov
Table Topics Dave Burr
General Evaluator Summer Murphy
Evaluator 1 Angela Ligon
Evaluator 2 Esther Khoury
Timer/Grammarian Tim Murphy