Rewind March 5th and Fast Forward to March 12th

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Rewind from February 5

This small but effective meeting took place in the North Tower (Room NT102A) of Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and started at 7:00 AM with 7 members and 1 returning guest present.

President Summer Murphy opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Next, she handed it over to Dave Burr to lead the meeting as Toastmaster for the morning. Dave set our imaginations going by evoking sumptuous (Word of the Day) visualizations.

Following a brief overview of roles and the agenda, he welcomed up Tim Murphy, who delivered a prepared speech from the Story Teller advanced manual. Tim’s speech, “Savannah Wanted A Pony” was a misdirection to the story of his daughter wanting a pony-car, Ford Mustang, and their quest to find her first dream car together.  Staying in the family, the next prepared speaker was Summer Murphy.  She also spoke from the Story Telling advanced manual.  “The Road Less Traveled” was a personal story of a “short-cut” on Highway 281 in western Carolina which lead to a family adventure which included a terrifying route on a dirt road, up the steep side of a mountain, at night, in the rain, in the family van, pulling a loaded trailer…  Her conclusion:  pack lightly, eat smores, and hug your family everyday.

Next came Table Topics with Topicsmaster Joe Stack. In a fun round of questions loosely revolving around the upcoming Super Bowl, Joe was able to involve everyone in responding.  Our returning guest, Rita, had us all thinking about food in her response which included a summary of her Maryland style crab cake appetizers.

As the meeting drew to a close, Toastmaster Dave Burr welcomed up Mike Stipanov to evaluate the meeting.  Mike pulled double duty in being general evaluator, and evaluating Tim’s speech.  Steve Stephens evaluated Summer’s speech. Phil Monroe delivered the Timer’s report for the first time in that role. Dave thanked everyone present for their contributions and made a point to welcome back today’s guest, Rita, to future Sunrise Toastmasters meetings.

 Fast-Forward to February 12

Please see the slated roles below:

Toastmaster Steve Stephens Confirmed
Speaker 1 Bryan Alston Confirmed
Speaker 2 Jenna Willingham *Unconfirmed*
Speaker 3 Tim Henley *Unconfirmed*
Table Topics Dave Burr Confirmed
General Evaluator Tim Murphy Confirmed
Evaluator 1 Lolita Henley *Unconfirmed*
Evaluator 2 Open
Evaluator 3 Summer Murphy Confirmed
Timer/Grammarian Mike Stipanov Confirmed


Please contact the Toastmaster, Steve Stephens if you have a speaking role. Likewise, please contact Tim Murphy if you have an evaluation role.