Sunrise Toastmasters 9-12-2014 Rewind & Fast-Forward 9-19-2014

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters members,
Below is a quick rewind of our meeting held on Friday Sept 12, 2014. The meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in a meeting room across the hall from our usual meeting room and started at 7:00 a.m.

We had a total of 14 members present at our meeting.

President Angela Ligon opened the meeting and then turned it over to Toastmaster for the morning Esther Khoury. Esther’s word of the day was “Variety”. She demonstrated for us a variety of exercises we could do with our arms and face that would help us relax when giving a speech.

Brett Williams gave our first speech of the day titled “Me,In a Nutshell” from competent communication manual (project #1 The Ice Breaker). It was a heart felt speech that covered growing up in Greensboro,NC, his journey to Wake Forest University and to Charlotte,NC, eventually making his way back to Greensboro,NC to pursue a graduate degree at UNCG.

Robert Hickling gave our second speech of the day titled “Do You Remember?”. He talked about the horrible events of September,11,2001. He talked about different events the define a generation and walked us through 60s ,70s, 80s, 90s and then talked about how 9/11 has defined his generation.

Tim Murphy started Table Topics and  Mike Stipanov wrapped it up. They asked questions ranging from current events in the newspaper to what books we have read.

Thanks to Dave Burr and Dramine Freeman for serving as evaluator and to  Steve Stephens  for being general evaluator. Thanks to Summer Murphy for serving as Timer/Grammarian.

Business items:
1. Membership dues are coming up. Submit  payment of $ 42.00 to Steve Stephens, except if you are new member.
Below is the summary of our upcoming meeting on Friday Sep19, 2014. Please contact Toastmaster Dave Burr if you are on the agenda.

Toastmaster                Dave Burr
Speaker 1                   Phil Stringer
Speaker 2                   Dramaine Freeman
Table Topics                Angela Ligon
Gen.Evaluator            Tim Murphy
Speaker Evaluator      Alvin Powell
Speaker Evaluator     Ying Na
Grammarian/Timer     Divya Bhagat

Respectfully Submitted by
Joe Stack