Fast Forward/Rewind 03/12/21

An excellent meeting was held on March 12th. Our next meeting is March 19th, and guests are always welcome to check out a meeting to see what we are all about. Our President-Elect, Kelsey Long, started the meeting promptly at 7am, and then introduced our Toastmaster, Savannah Murphy. Savannah’s theme and word-of-the-day was perspective. She used an interesting comparison to artwork throughout history, explaining that it was only when it was discovered that an artist could use a vanishing point in their work to establish three dimensional perspective, so too can people gain similar advanced perspective when they look at issues from someone else’s point of view. This theme carried into Norris Bass‘ speech “My Experience with Prejudice” which told his personal experience of how prejudice by a few people kept him from embracing a part of his heritage that contributes to making him who he is. Our second speaker, Anu Parvathaneni, in her speech titled, “Executive Skills” honed in her ability to utilize a shared screen presentation about business skill sets while discussing time management tools, organizational tools, and more. Karen Rhodes lead an engaging round of Table Topics with members choosing random celebrities, and equally random topic question, to combine in each response…a very difficult challenge indeed.
Tim Murphy jumped in as our General Evaluator, and lead the team of Summer, Kelsey, and Bettina in thoroughly evaluating the meeting. The meeting was rounded out by Savannah, and closed promptly at 8am by Kelsey, after establishing assigned roles for our next meeting on 3/19/21. Please join us and experience Sunrise Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made.