Fast Forward / Rewind 07/10/20

We had another incredible Zoom meeting this past Friday with eight in attendance. Summer served as Toastmaster. Please join us Friday 07/24/20 for our next meeting. 

The Word of The Day for this meeting was “stereotype,” and speakers found multiple opportunities to use it. The first speech was presented by Anu, whose speech “The Neglected One,” used a screen share of positive images and addressed the topic of emotional wellness. Anu asked the audience to consider ways to improve their emotional wellness and offered solutions, such as gratitude and adopting positive responses to change. The second speech was presented by Savannah, entitled “Return of the Newsletter,” and was presented as a presentation to her co-workers to provide ideas for a new company newsletter. Previewing this speech at Toastmasters was a great way for Savannah to get feedback about her work project. Tim evaluated Anu’s speech and provided a suggestion that she follow-up on the personal emotional wellness points she asked her audiecne to consider. I evaluated Savannah’s speech and suggested it would be! helpful to provide examples of good newsletter content when asking her co-workers to contribute. Karen led Table Topics, in which each of us spoke to a meme, many of them relating to Anu’s speech topic of emotional wellness, which our Toastmaster, Summer, pointed out. Norris was timer/grammarian, and reminded the club to be mindful of our “ahs” and “ums.” I know I have a particularly persistent habit of it! To close out the meeting Dave stressed the benefit of providing speech intros and also reminded speakers to make sure the timer is in the proper Zoom view during speeches, so they can know how much time they have left.

Thanks all. See you on Friday morning!