Fast Forward/Rewind 08/21/20

Our 08/21/20 meeting showcased our newest member, Josh, giving his first club speech, and veteran member, Summer, exploring her visionary communications skills. Guests are invited to see what competencies our members have developed by visiting our next club meeting on Friday 08/28/20 where two of our club officers, Norris and Savannah, will each deliver prepared speeches from the Toastmasters Pathways educational program.

In today’s meeting, “Roadtrip” was the word-of-the-day as our Toastmaster, Dave, wove tales of journeys and experiences throughout the program. Two returning guests, MaRhonda and Aditi, joined us for their second meeting visit each and were welcomed back wholeheartedly. Summer gave her prepared speech, “Finding My Vision” from the Visionary Communications educational pathway, and Josh gave his initial Ice Breaker speech, “5 Rules for LinkedIn” from the Dynamic Leadership educational pathway. Anu lead an engaging round of Table Topics questions where random members thought on their feet to give impromptu responses in one to two minutes. Special thanks to our evaluations team of Tim, Savannah, Angela, and Karen who rounded out the final portion of the meeting providing constructive criticism and enthusiastic praise for all participants in the meeting.

The meeting roles for next Friday 08/28/20 are:
Toastmaster: Karen
Speaker 1: Norris
Speaker 2: Savannah
Table Topics: Josh
General Evaluator: Alvin
Speech Evaluator 1: Tim
Speech Evaluator 2: Dave
Timer/Grammarian: Summer

Also, the schedule for the month is posted on the website at
Be sure to confirm your role by using the link on the website under the roles schedule, or go directly there from this link:

The Toastmasters International Convention is occurring virtually and for free this week, August 24-29th.  This was originally scheduled to be held in Paris, but since it is being held virtually, there is now a wonderful opportunity to see what goes on at an International Convention from your own home!  The link for information and to register to attend for free is: