Fast Forward/Rewind 10/02/20

Our 10/02/20 meeting was an entertaining experience. We welcomed back returning guest, MaRhonda, who volunteered a fantastic table topics response. Guests are always welcome to check out our meetings and see if Sunrise Toastmasters is a good fit for them. Our next meeting is on Friday 10/09/20 at 7am. Come join us, we’ll make you feel right at home. We open up the Zoom meeting at 6:45am for people to come a little early and socialize if they’d like to.

Our Toastmaster today was Norris, and his Word-of-the-Day was apropos. He yielded back some of his presentation time for those without roles to share thoughts and ideas. Our first speaker was Dave with a speech titled, “My Most Important Role” which he will modify and present in the humorous speech contest in two weeks. The second prepared speaker, Tim, gave his speech, “Why Write This Book?” which explained why the book he is writing What We Can Learn From Digital Natives means so much to him. Dustin lead the Table Topics through an “Ah Spooky Adventure” which told the story of Fred and Dorothy, and the story progressed with each table topics responder, resulting in Dorothy making an unusual furry friend and Fred finding the secret sports bar! Summer lead the evaluation team with Angela, Kelsey, Karen, and Wendi. Both Kelsey and Wendi were filling their first time club roles this week, and did excellently. It was an entertaining meeting with 100% participation!

The roles for our next meeting on 10/09/20 will be:

Toastmaster – Savannah
Speaker 1 – Kelsey
Speaker 2 – Dustin
Table Topics – Angela
General Evaluator – Karen
Evaluator 1 – Norris
Evaluator 2 – Wendi
Timer – Summer
Grammarian – Amelya

We’ll see you all on Friday morning!