Fast Forward/Rewind – 5/22/2020

Hi All! We had another great Zoom meeting. There were 9 in attendance. Summer was our Toastmaster this morning giving us ‘Comfort’ as Word of the day. We did a good job of working it in our responses to Table Topics led by Savannah. We were asked to choose a number from 1 to 23 of Journal Prompts for Self Reflection. It gave us a chance to look inward. Tim was our first speaker with a speech titled ‘What We Can Learn from Millennials’. Tim shared with us that millennials have grown up as digital natives. They have only known the tech age and don’t have any idea what it is like to go and research a topic at the library or elsewhere. You ask Google or Bing and have an answer in a couple of seconds. We who are older are digital immigrants. We had to adapt to the tech age coming from an analog era. Needless to say the natives can run circles around us immigrants. I was Tim’s evaluator. Dave was our second speaker with a speech ‘Perturbed’. Dave has an additional family living with them. A mom and two of her children, a 16 and 21 year old. The perturbing part is that they have no regard for the rules of the household. The rules pertaining to trash and food are being disrespected. How far do you go to try and get them on board to follow these rules? Dave shared with us when he and his siblings were growing up when they came home, no matter the time, you better tiptoe and let mom know you were home without waking dad. Dad knew! When they went to other homes if they didn’t have rules Dave’s parents still did and you acted accordingly. Dave found a way to get mom and the two kids attention by turning off Wi-Fi passwords. Oh my goodness you would have thought Dave had cut off one of their fingers. I’m looking forward to see what affect this has on the house rules. Karen was Dave’s evaluator. Anu was General Evaluator and Mike our Timer/Grammarian. Here are next week’s roles:

  • Toastmaster: Norris
  • Speakers: (1) Mike (2) Savannah
  • Table Topics: Summer
  • Gen Evaluator: Tim
  • Speaker Evaluators: (1) Dave (2) Karen
  • Timer/Grammarian: Josh?

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! See you next Friday!