Fast Forward/Rewind 7/24/20

Hello all – here’s to yet another great Sunrise Toastmaster’s meeting! Our group met this past Friday an intimate gathering of six on our new favorite platform (for now), Zoom. Our president, Tim, started out the meeting with a nod to a former Toastmasters virtuoso, Esther Khoury, most notable for her passion for uniquely evaluating speakers. The theme for our meeting was “technology,” with the word of the day being “dignity.” Kudos to the two of us who remembered to use it! Our first speaker, Summer, gave a speech entitled “Not A Lamp,” which explored two common tests used to measure whether a film features an adequate number of central female characters who speak to each other about something other than a man. The group was asked to consider two films and use the tests to gauge whether to not they pass. I’m sure many of us learned something about some of our favorite films and how they may not quite measure up on the issue of gender equality. Savannah gave the second speech, “The Path Back to Places,” which outlined the COVID-19 vaccine development process and how we may be help with the phases of human testing. What a great way to tie us back to the theme of technology – med tech! For table topics, Norris asked us to choose a number and speak to a randomly chosen phrase. Dave evaluated Summer’s speech. Josh evaluated Savannah’s speech. Dave was also the general evaluator, and Tim served as Timer/Grammarian.  

Thank you all for your contributions, and see you this Friday!