Fast Forward/Rewind – April 12, 2024

At the meeting opening, our Sergeant at Arms, Dave Burr provided valuable insights into the pressing issue of food insecurity, underscoring its impact on individuals who struggle to obtain sufficient and nutritious food. He shed light on the contributing factors, such as economic disparities, poverty, limited access to affordable options, and high living costs, and leading us to the moment of silence in support and acknowledgement of the Black Lives Matter movement. Dave also introduced the bias flag as a tool to support our journey of becoming better speakers, turning the meeting over to Toastmaster Savannah Murphy, who introduced the word of the day “Subscribe.”

Toastmaster Hema Kellet introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Dave Burr, who delivered a speech on the challenges of being an analytical leader. Dave talked his leadership traits and styles, emphasizing the importance of teaching children about different perspectives and voting. He also shared insights on mentoring his children in managing and leading businesses from scratch, particularly within the fast-food industry. Hema provided feedback, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Toastmaster Tina Joe introduced our second speaker, Toastmaster Abdulrahman Albazie, who delivered a speech titled “The Unexpected Benefit.” Abdulrahman shared insightful perspectives on the transformative power of networking, recounting personal experiences of its impact on his internship applications. He encouraged everyone to offer time, expertise, and support, highlighting the profound rewards that often come from such acts. Tina offered valuable feedback, acknowledging the speaker’s strengths and providing constructive suggestions for improvement.

Toastmaster Saraswathi Mahalingam led an engaging table topic session, encouraging participants to provide spontaneous and impactful responses. The session aimed to improve quick thinking, effective articulation, and confident on-the-spot communication skills. Excellent questions, Saraswathi!

Toastmaster Norris Bass excelled as the General Evaluator, providing a comprehensive assessment and recognizing outstanding performances. Toastmaster Anu Parvathaneni ensured adherence to time limits as the Timer, while Toastmaster John Doggett offered valuable feedback and improvement suggestions as the Grammarian. Their contributions elevated the meeting experience and fostered growth in communication skills.

With a seamless transition, Savannah handed over the reins of the meeting to Dave, who wrapped up the meeting and adjourned it.

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 a.m. on April 19, EST. If you would like to join our meeting as a guest, contact us for the meeting link.

The roles for the next meeting are as follows:

Toastmaster: Kerstin  

Speaker 1: Stiles

Speaker 2: Tina Joe

Table Topics: Savannah   

General Evaluator: Saraswathi      

Evaluator 1: Norris

Evaluator 2: Hema

Timer: Summer

Grammarian: Tim