Fast Forward/Rewind – August 10 meeting

We had a great meeting today with a full room of attendees! Four visitors (new and returning) joined us today. Dave stepped in to “pinch-hit” — our Word of the Day — as our Toastmaster. Karen was our first speaker and talked about the many benefits of gardening. Savannah was our second speaker and entertained us with a story about a woman named June who eventually learned to embrace being on vacation.

June’s vacation was a nice segue into Table Topics, led by Angela, who informed us that today is National Lazy Day. Alvin led our evaluation team, rounded out by Allison and Norris as speaker evaluators and Phil as timer. We also took a group photo at the end of the meeting with one of our visitors who was visiting from Winnipeg and documenting his visits to Toastmasters clubs in different cities.

Our roles for the next two weeks are as follows:

8/17/18 8/24/18
Toastmaster David G Savannah
Speaker 1 Mike Allison
Speaker 2 Steve David G
Table Topics Norris Phil
Gen Evaluator Phil Sheila
Speaker Eval 1 Angela Steve
Speaker Eval 2 Savannah Norris
Timer/Grammarian Alvin Sheila

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Have a great week, everyone!