Fast Forward/Rewind – August 16, 2019



We had an amazing meeting with four of us in attendance: Karen, Dave, Alvin and myself. Karen gaveled us in and I was Toastmaster. Dave lead us in an extended round of Table Topics since we were without a speaker. Alvin served as General evaluator and Timer/Grammarian. The Word of the Day was Reflect. Dave reflected on the recent trip he took with his son thru Europe and came up with questions for us based on the Word of the Day, Reflect. I asked the group to think back (reflect) to a previous TM meeting that they might want to comment about. Karen and Dave both mentioned a speech that Alvin gave on segregation. Amazing meeting!
Now for some business. We discussed going back to two speakers starting in September. I would like to ask that if you have a role and you cannot fill it please reach out to someone to take over for you so we are not wasting time in our meeting. This will help our Toastmaster and our club. Thank you in advance for considering this to help improve our club.

Roles for Next Week

Room: North Tower 102
Toastmaster: Dave
Speaker: Alvin
Table Topics: Anu
General Evaluator: Savannah
Speaker Evaluator: David
Timer/Grammarian: Brian

Please let our Toastmaster, Dave, know if you are unable to fulfill your role.