Fast Forward/Rewind for January 10, 2020

Fast Forward/Rewind for January 10, 2020

Hi Everyone! Another great meeting yesterday morning. There were seven in attendance. Dave filled in as Toastmaster again and provided us with ‘Parking’ as Word of the Day since there was an issue with parking in the deck that caused us to start a little late. Norris was our first speaker with a speech titled ‘Warning!’ which was a look at warning labels. Anita was our first evaluator. This was her first time and she did a very good job. Savannah was our second speaker with a speech titled ‘What I Learned from ‘Rosie’ (her cat). David was Savannah’s evaluator. Both speeches brought us laughter! Dave led us in Table Topics where we had to improv. We had to chose a venue, pulled from a bag, create a crisis type situation and include a statement pulled from another bag. What can I say, another round of fun! Mike W was Timer/Grammarian. I know that we have a lot going on with life, I just want to say if you can make it to the meeting you will get more than your money’s worth. Here are the roles for next week. If you cannot fill your role please let the Toastmaster know.


Room: NT102 Our usual room

Toastmaster: Bettina

Speakers: (1) Mike W (2) Open

Table topics: Anita

General Evaluator: Anu

Evaluators: (1) Alvin (2) Angela

Timer/Grammarian: Karen

See you on Friday! Have a great week!