Fast Forward/Rewind – June 17, 2022

Our esteemed VP Education, Savannah Murphy, started this week’s meeting with a reminder that there are still many issues facing our fellow citizens who are people of color and those issues still need focus. She then led us into our usual minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement before turning the meeting over to the day’s Toastmaster, Summer Murphy.

We had a great turnout, including two guests, Sabina and Hrithik. Summer chose expectation as her word of the day, linking it to both Father’s Day and Pride Month, and asking members to question to gendered expectations that society places on parents.

The first speaker of the day, Norris Bass, did a vocal variety project in which he talked about the ongoing Individualized Services Plan for one of his family members. Norris discussed the importance of having the individual who is receiving the services to be a part of the conversation surrounding their care, and used some personal anecdotes about those meetings to illustrate his points. Angela Marsh served as Norris’ evaluator, noting that his talk was very expressive and engaging.

Tim Murphy was the second speaker and delivered a talk titled “What are the Options?” In his speech, Tim lamented the fact that he was never presented options as a boy or young man to be involved in caring for his children and not just a “breadwinner.” Tim left us with a call to action to make sure the young men we mentor in our lives understand that sharing in the caregiving of children can be an option for them. Tim’s evaluator, Alvin, gave Tim exuberant praise for the way he structured his talk, starting with nostalgia, and then moving to idealism and finally focusing on reality.

Amelya Black served as Table Topics Master, and posed a variety of questions, with members and guests picking a number between one and 365 to determine which question they would answer.

Savannah Murphy served as the General Evaluator, and gave a thorough review of the meeting. We had no bias flags raised today. Dave Burr served as the Timer, and reported on times for the prepared speeches, Table Topics responses and speech evaluations. Anu Parvanthaneni served as Grammarian, and gave a report on the filler words and phrases she noted for each member.

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 am, June 24 EST on Zoom. 
The roles for that meeting are as follows:

Toastmaster: John
Speaker 1: Summer
Speaker 2: Greg
Table Topics: Anu
Gen. Evaluator: Maria
Speaker 1 Eval: Amelya
Speaker 2 Eval: Dave
Timer: Karen
Grammarian: Angela

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