Fast Forward/Rewind – June 8 meeting

[NOTE: Updated 6/12 to note an open role for 6/15 meeting.]

First an announcement:

Karen informed today’s group about an upcoming public speaking lunch-and-learn event this coming Thursday from 12-2 pm. Location is at HQ Greensboro, a really cool venue in the south end of downtown GSO. Details can be found via this link:


Now, on to the Fast Forward/Rewind:

A change in room location couldn’t detour our group from having another stellar Sunrise meeting.

Savannah brought a lot of energy to the Toastmaster role today, offering up “connection” as the word of the day. She explained that she was using the more typical definition which is “a person, thing, or idea that is linked or associated with something else” and not a supplier of narcotics. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

Brian was the first speaker with a persuasive speech entitled “Put it down, and walk away,” which discussed the downside of smartphones and offered tips on how to reduce your screen time. Tim filled in nicely with a combo soapbox-pocket speech on the importance of education and how it is everyone’s duty to continue to look for ways to continually improve through education, whether formal or informal.

Steve was our Table Topics master and offered up a random collection of questions resulting in a wide array of answers. Our evaluation team led by Karen and including Phil, Dave and David, offered excellent feedback to the group.

Roles for next week are as follows.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Toastmaster Karen
Speaker 1 Phil
Speaker 2 Norris
Table Topics Dave
Gen Evaluator OPEN
Speaker Eval 1 Brian
Speaker Eval 2 David G
Timer/Grammarian Savannah