Fast Forward/Rewind – Nov. 9 meeting

Hello, everyone!

Today’s meeting exceeded EXPECTATION (the word of the day)! Phil was our Toastmaster, and shared a word of wisdom with us about expectations, reminding us that when someone is upset, including ourselves, it’s often due to an expectation not being met. If we examine the expectations behind the upset, we can often find a resolution to the problem, or at least greater insight into it.

Dave was our first speaker, and he proposed many good reasons for pursuing musical education as an adult. He engaged all of us by passing around a ukulele and then leading us in song while he played a banjo ukulele. Anu was our second speaker and did a fantastic job with her icebreaker speech! We all enjoyed getting to know Anu better. Karen led Table Topics, highlighting National Novel Writing Month (aka “NaNoWriMo”) by giving each of us the first line of a novel and having us come up with the rest of the story! We had enough time that the Table Topics table was turned on Karen and she had to (attempt to) rise to her own challenge too.

Our evaluation team was led by Angela, with Allison evaluating Dave and David evaluating Anu, and Mike giving the Timer/Grammarian report.

Next week’s roles are as follows. If you are unable to fulfill your role, please let us know.

Toastmaster Mike
Speaker 1 Angela
Speaker 2 Karen
Table Topics Norris
Gen Evaluator David
Speaker Eval 1 Brian
Speaker Eval 2 Alvin
Timer/Grammarian Phil

One last note: The agenda form is now on the website for easy downloading. Go to the Members Info tab and you’ll find it there.

Have a great week, everyone!