Fast Forward/Rewind – November 10, 2023

Our President, Summer Murphy, opened the meeting with remarks that highlighted the systemic disparities and biases that people of color often encounter within the criminal justice system, and reminded us of the urgent need for equitable and fair treatment for all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity, leading us deliberately to our minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Summer addressed any concerns about bias and motivated us to utilize it as a tool for personal growth in our journey to become better speakers. She handed over the meeting to Toastmaster Tim Murphy, who selected “Kinship” as the word of the day, setting the tone for an engaging and dynamic meeting!

Our enthusiastic Toastmaster, Renuka Korlipara, introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Dave Burr. Dave‘s speech, titled “The Phillip’s Sisters,” truly touched our hearts as he shared stories and cherished photographs that celebrated a life filled with joy and purpose. He emphasized the profound value of spending quality time with family, getting to know them intimately, and embracing their stories. Renuka‘s insightful feedback added an extra spark to the speech, making it more memorable.

Toastmaster Savannah Murphy introduced our second speaker, the talented Toastmaster Summer Murphy. Summer’s speech was a delightful blend of humor and education, emphasizing the importance of food in our lifestyle, heritage, and culture. She explored the challenges and rewards of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Savannah’s valuable feedback played a pivotal role in fostering growth and improvement.

Toastmaster Stiles Burr, our Table Topic Master, guided an engaging question-and-answer session that sparked creativity, spontaneity, and excitement. Stiles set the stage for participants to tackle unpredictable and thrilling questions!

Toastmaster Greg Sutton assumed the role of General Evaluator, ensuring the overall effectiveness and quality of our meeting while also taking the lead in facilitating the sharing of feedback and reports within the team. Toastmaster Kerstin delivered an exemplary Timer report. Toastmaster Tina Joe provided a comprehensive Grammarian report.

Tim reviewed the upcoming week’s roles and smoothly handed over to Summer to adjourn the meeting.

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 a.m. on November 17, EST. If you would like to join our meeting as a guest, contact us for the meeting link.

The roles for the next meeting are as follows:

Toastmaster: Anu

Speaker 1: John

Speaker 2: Stiles

Table Topics: Summer

General Evaluator: Tina

Evaluator 1: (Open)

Evaluator 2: Tim

Timer: (Open)

Grammarian: Abdulrahman