Fast Forward/Rewind – November 18, 2022

Sunrise Toastmasters!

Our esteemed President, Toastmaster Amelya Black, opened the meeting intentionally leading us into our minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Amelya reminded us how we can use our bias flag to help each other and transitioned the meeting to the day’s Toastmaster Maria Leon. Maria chose heal as the word of the day, and encouraged us to use the WOD during the meeting. We reviewed roles and another Sunrise Toastmaster’s meeting began.  

Toastmaster Kevin Mackey introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Dave BurrDave’s icebreaker speech from Presentation Mastery pathway, shared a message – documents that tell about us, don’t define who we are. Born in Venezuela, a naturalized citizen, Dave shared knowledge in Latin American history. The flow of the speech was great, well done. Also sharing how challenging it can be to evaluate a seasoned Toastmaster was feedback shared by Kevin. 

Toastmaster Angela Marsh introduced our final speaker, Toastmaster Anu ParvathaneniAnu chose an elective speech from the Motivational Strategies pathway, and spoke about the Vagus nerve. Sharing an informative and humorous speech how stress and trauma are stored in our nervous system, and how breathing and walking can help reset, having a calming effect. Great job using humor to share content that related to a heavy topic. It was very interesting and went well with the theme of the day, was feedback shared by Angela. 

Toastmaster Karen Rhodes hosted Table Topics, engaging the Toastmasters to reflect on quotes about being happy, strengthening our ability to compose thoughts and speak conversationally.

Toastmaster Greg Sutton served as General Evaluator, summarizing the meeting with thoughtful feedback, and led the team’s sharing of feedback and reports. Toastmaster Stiles Burr provided the Timer report and Toastmaster Amelya Black shared the Grammarian report – well done everyone!

Toastmaster Maria thanked everyone for a great meeting, and transitioned the meeting back to Toastmaster Amelya, who shared we have a scheduled gap between meetings, and thanked everyone for their awesome participation before closing the meeting. 

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 am, December 2 EST on Zoom. 

The roles for that meeting will be posted on our website soon, have a wonderful holiday all!