Fast Forward/Rewind – October 13, 2023

VP of Relations Savannah Murphy opened the meeting, leading us deliberately to our minute of silence in acknowledgement and support of the Black Life Matter movement. Savannah dispelled any doubts about the bias, encouraged us to use it to support our journey of becoming better speakers, and transitioned the meeting over to Toastmaster Stiles Burr. Stiles chose superstition as the word of the day.

Toastmaster Kerstin Haase introduced our first speaker, Toastmaster Anu Parvathaneni. Anu‘s captivating speech on Polyvagal theory had us spellbound as we delved into the intricate workings of our body and mind’s responses to diverse situations. Anu‘s ability to distill this advanced theory into simplified terms left us enlightened and inspired. Kerstin, in her insightful feedback, highlighted areas of excellence and offered guidance for improvement. Well done!

Toastmaster Tina Joe introduced our second speaker, Toastmaster Savannah Murphy. Savannah‘s speech delved into the power of “strikes”—the collective actions that employees take to reshape their workplace conditions and advocate for better terms. With each word, Savannah painted a vivid picture of how these actions have the potential to transform narratives. Tina provided invaluable feedback that nurtured growth and improvement. Powerful voices!

Table Topic Master Toastmaster Renuka Korlipara led an engaging question-and-answer session, igniting creativity and spontaneity, and setting the stage for unpredictable and exciting questions. Bravo, Renuka!

Toastmaster Abdulrahman Albazie served as the General Evaluator, ensuring the overall effectiveness and quality of our meeting, providing valuable feedback, contributing to the ongoing success of our Toastmasters club, and leading the team in sharing feedback and reports. Toastmaster Dave Burr graced us with the Timer report, ensuring that our speeches danced within the bounds of time, while Toastmaster John Doggett‘s Grammarian report wove a tapestry of linguistic finesse, promoting clarity and effective communication.

Stiles reviewed roles for next week and transitioned the meeting to Savannah to close the meeting.

The next Sunrise Toastmasters meeting will be at 7 a.m. on October 20, EST. If you would like to join our meeting as a guest, contact us for the meeting link.

The roles for the next meeting are as follows:

Toastmaster: Savannah 
Speaker 1: Norris
Speaker 2: Abdulrahman
Table Topics: Kerstin
Gen. Evaluator: Anu
Evaluator 1: Stiles
Evaluator 2: Dave

Timer: Tina

Grammarian: Greg