Fast Forward to 5/1/15 and Rewind from 4/24/15

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members & Guests,

On this coming Friday, May 1, we have a meeting planned that you won’t want to miss.  Robert Hickling will be our Toastmaster, and he has a full agenda.  The meeting will be held as usual in room NT102A at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital and will start at 7:00 a.m. Guests are always welcome, and we’ll make them feel right at home.  To follow are the roles for the meeting:

Toastmaster                     Robert Hickling
Speaker 1            Summer Murphy
Speaker 2         Ying Na
Table Topics**          Tim Murphy
Gen. Evaluator         Jenna Willingham
Speaker Evaluator      Divya Bhagat
Speaker Evaluator      Phil Stringer
Grammarian/Timer       Joe Stack – please confirm with Toastmaster

** Hint: For extra fun, the Table Topics questions will all be questions previously asked during the interview portion of the Miss America Pageant J

Below is a quick rewind of our meeting held on Friday April 24, 2015. The meeting was held as usual at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A and started on time at 7:00 a.m.

We had a total of 12 members and 3 guests in attendance for the meeting.

Our President, Angela Ligon, opened the meeting and introduced our Toastmaster, Summer Murphy.  Summer’s word of the day was ‘aspiration’, and her theme also revolved around aspirations and personal goals.

The first prepared speaker was Steve Stephens.  His speech was in preparation of presenting at the Cancer Center of Greensboro.  Steve is a cancer survivor and his talk which will be addressed to the cancer patients was moving, informational, and reassuring.  His ability to individually name each of his care providers eight years later, gave insight into just how much the team at the Cancer Center of Greensboro meant to Steve.

The second prepared speaker was Jenna Willingham.  She spoke from the competent communicator manual – speech #2, titled, “Take Back Your Posture.”  She told us of the severe pain that she suffered in graduate school, only to find out that it was the result of her own poor posture.  She guided her audience through practical exercises to improve their posture from head to toe.

Dramaine Freeman led us in table topics. His questions were based on Twitter Feeds he had recently viewed.  Most impressively, every guest in attendance volunteered and responded effectively to Table Topics questions.

Special thanks to Robert Hickling and Dave Burr for serving as Evaluators, to Angela Ligon for being General Evaluator, and to Divya Bhagat who served as Timer/Grammarian.

The meeting adjourned on time at 8 a.m.

Cynthia Torres, one our guests, submitted her application and payment for membership following the meeting.  Please welcome Cynthia as our newest Sunrise Toastmaster!

Respectfully Submitted by: Tim Murphy

VP Public Relations – Sunrise Toastmasters